Cute Boot Socks

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Our Name

When we began, we assumed branding would be something intuitive, simple and memorable. We quickly realized that we had something special and wanted this new company to carry a special meaning. So, we took a look at some of the things we loved most in our lives. It was a quick and easy realization that our little girls were the perfect reflection of what we wanted to capture. Alena and Bella are two charming, sassy and full of life little ladies. We brought their names together to create what you know as LenaBelle. They have inspired us to work hard, provide excellent products and have tons of fun while were are doing it.  Take a look for yourself at these two in action!

Our little ladies. Meet Alena and Bella!

I love all that LenaBella offers. My only regret is that I can’t have every single item for myself...
— Lisa M.

Partnering with LenaBella

LenaBella prides ourselves in partnering with the best in womens clothing and accessories. If you would like to partner with LenaBella please consider the following and then follow the contact form below to begin the partnership.

  • LenaBella is committed to handmade and high quality products 
  • We will consider featuring your item in our store if you meet our requirements
  • Our customers come first, and we will continue our long tradition of striving for excellence via repeat customers and highly satisfied partnerships.

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Hearing from you

We would love to hear from you. Let us know if you have an idea for a product that you would like to see featured. 

Often times our best product discoveries and most creative ideas come from customers just like yourself. But don't think that simply by sharing your idea it ends there. If we chose to go with your idea you will receive unique and special discounts on all LenaBella Products. So please share your ideas and lets celebrate the best in women's clothing and accessories.


If you would like to get in touch please click the link below:

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Beautiful Things

Everything that LenaBelle offers is carefully inspected and considered to insure the highest quality. 

Style & Quality

We know what we love and we love to start there. We personally love all of our products here at LenaBelle.

As we consider which products to bring to you, we look at everything from the quality, production, environment and elements. You can be confident that when you order from us you will love it as much as we do!

How we got started

We began as an idea and seemingly overnight birthed into a company. Our dream was to connect and supply the very best in boot socks to our family and friends. What we quickly realized was that women everywhere loved our products. Since then, LenaBelle has grown and we have begun partnerships with different creators and producers. We want to always deliver the exclusive quality you have come to expect.

Cute Boot Socks